STAR  ALIGNEMENT of the Bosnian pyramids



sketch by G.Lukacs of aligned pyramids on satellite map of Visoko valley     


King Tvrtko's Shield (with sketch by G.Lukacs) and Coat of Arms of the Bosnian Kings

The diagonal line on the sketch over the shield (above), connecting dragon tail and dragon head is a 19° NE line in the actual landscape (see satellite map above). Assuming that the pyramids mirror the sky (as known from Egyptian pyramids) this line points to the star Vega and its position as the pole star of 12ooo B.C. The name Vega is derived from Arabic, meaning the downwards falling (shooting) eagle (an-nasr al waqi). It is the brightest star of the summer skies, 25 lightyears from earth. Vega has a planetary system similar to ours and resembles our sun system like no other in the whole universe. This fact is known to astronomers since a few years only!

Compare this article about a dialogue in Mahabarata epos describing the falling or shooting down of the star Vega to become the pole star of 12.000 BC.

Arabs and Indians knew about the star Vega and its movement on the sky in ancient times. Both ancient scripts call VEGA the downwards falling eagle or star that became the pole star 12000 BC.

If we compare THE SHIELD AND THE COAT of the Bosnian Kings to THE PYRAMID PATTERN as seen from the sky, we find the pyramids aligned to VEGA as pole star of 12000 BC.

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