Another pyramid hill at Vesallo, Reggio Emilia found 



Sicily ...numerous lava stone step pyramids

 Sardinia...lava stone step pyramid and stone balls

Montevecchia 40 km north of Milan...3 monumental hill pyramids

Pontassieve 14 km east of Florence...3 monumental hill pyramids

Santa Agata de Goti 40 km north east of Naples...1 monumental hill pyramid, stone balls and underground tunnels

Piediluco near Terni, 100km north of Rome...2 monumental hill pyramids

Vesallo near Reggio Emilia...1 monumental hill

The existence of ancient lava stone pyramids in Italy has long been known. There are several terraced lava stone structures in Sardinia and Sicily, excavated and studied scientifically.
But what is generally unknown is the fact that since 2003 several grass covered pyramid hills of 50 - 100m size have been discovered by aerial or satellite imagery, suggesting strongly that there are man made pyramid construcions underneath.
5 locations have been found so far in Italy:
  1. Montevecchia, 40 km north of Milan
  2. Pontassieve, 14 km east of Florence
  3. Santa Agata de Goti, 40 km north-east of Naples
  4. Piediluco near Terni, 100km north of Rome
  5. Vesallo near Reggio Emilia 


 The "Zeus line" and its parallels
The European pyramids and the stone ball locations are aligned on parallel energy lines running NW - SE through Europe (and around the globe).
The lines are called ZEUS LINE+Parallels (found by Dr.Jóo Denes/Hungary, according to mythology godfather Zeus used to fly from Mt.Olympus to the Hyperboreans once a year following exactly this line).
  1. ZEUS LINE and pyramid alignements:                                                   Greece - Bosnian pyramids - stone ball locations at Zenica and Banja Luka -  Piramida hill in Maribor/Slovenia
  2. PARALLEL WEST:                                                                                     4 Italian pyramid hills found so far are aligned on a straight line following exactly the shape of the Italian peninsula, parallel to the Balkan/Zeus Line.

THE ZEUS LINE (through Balkan) and its PARALLEL (through Italy)



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