Modern pyramids in Russia: Alexander Golod, creator of pyramids in Russia, constructed several 11-44 meters high stone pyramids in order to study the energetic effects on humans and environment. Pls.see


Lake Baikal pyramid hill...discovered 2007 by an architect and scholar of the Irkutsk State Technical University, Lubov Makogon. See report


200 km east of Vladivostok, suspicious twin-hills are reported to be gigantic stone pyramids. Tales and legends of "Sestra+Brat" (sister and brother) found way into the local folklore and myths.


 Megalithic sites near Vladivostok

SIBERIA is one of the richest regions in megalithic sites. In southern Siberia, near Vladivostok, there is an ancient sacred mountain, Mt.Pidan, with huge stone walls, dolmen and menhirs on its peak. Legends tell of a disappeared civilization which built cyclope walls on the mountain.

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