Enigmatic stone balls in Serbia

In 1974 a huge stone sphere was found in Serbia. In 2001 a group of researchers discovered 10 more balls. On the 1974 stone ball they detected inscription marks which match with the star constellation of Cepheus and Cygnus. Pls.read full report.

The Povlen ball is a spherical rock discovered accidentally in 1974 near the Mravinjci
village in the Povlen mountain near Valjevo town in Serbia. What makes this sphere interesting, besides its shape which is rare in nature, are the signs carved into it. There was some public interest in this ball, but few scientific papers
about it. There is the need to protect this unique cultural monument, because of the possible astronomical meaning of the signs on it.

Location:Povlen near Valjevo in western Serbia, 90 km south of Belgrade

Size: diameter 102 cm, weighing approx. 3 tons


Povlen stone ball

Sketch of Povlen stone ball with cup marks supposedly showing the star constellation of Cygnus which was the polar star 13.500BC

Was the stone carved in 13.500BC? Is there a connection to the pyramid monolith of Mt.S.Martino in Italy, showing the same image?


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